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Lane x Outpost
The Visual Flavour Project

Lane are collaborating with Outpost Coffee Roasters to experiment with new ways of presenting tasting notes, to help people identify the subtle nuances of speciality coffee.

The unique flavours found in the world’s best coffee are a reflection of growing conditions, processing and the craft of the roaster. Encouraging the drinker to identify the flavours in a cup of speciality coffee is a journey into identifying biodiversity in food and drink.

'The natural beauty and complexity found in real food and drink should be a normal part of everday life, not exceptional. ‘As an enthusiastic coffee drinker I noticed the shift in flavours as the temperature changed. An initial citrus acidity drifted towards sour plum and sharp notes developed into florals. I observed that if tasting notes were presented differently it could help the drinker identify flavour more easily.

Helping coffee drinkers build a greater appreciation of flavour will hopefully increase demand for natural bio-diverse food and drink. This is better for health, farming, the environment and is far more flavoursome.'

Joff Casciani – Creative Director, Lane Homeware

Download the template for free

This is a project that we’d like the coffee community to experiment with. After some initial testing we’ve developed a ‘diagram template’ that can be used to plot tasting notes for the barista to present to a customer.

Blank templates are available to download on here for free. 

Usage and rules

Please try it and let us know what you think so we can develop the project further. If you use the diagram or a redesigned version of it in your coffee shop please mark it with #visualflavourproject also if you post it on social media. 

The intellectual property is under a creative commons licence which means you can use it freely, but you can't sell the idea for profit.  

The diagram

The diagram describes taste and aroma on a scale of temperature and time. This is not a scientific diagram but simply a visual tool, helping the customer identify changing flavours as the temperature drops. Body and acidity can be marked on the diagram and the height of the dotted lines can be used to indicate a peak period of flavour.

Why not just serve coffee at
its peak of flavour?

We appreciate that many coffee shops will serve their coffee when the flavours are fully open. Serving coffee with a ‘visual tasting note’ as we suggest, is designed to encourage people not to just to drink coffee at its ‘peak’, but to take the whole journey and gain a better understanding of how flavours evolve in the cup. We believe that by understanding the journey of flavour, the customer becomes more deeply engaged and ultimately more appreciative.

why us?

Lane is a collection of ethically made design and craft from the British Isles. Our range includes lighting, soft furnishings, paper goods, ceramics and prints. We use organic, natural and innovative materials and make many of our own products in our workshop in Nottingham. Just like speciality coffee, we pursue the raw materials and rare skills that lead to something unique with a sense of place. As food lovers, we actively support and collaborate on events and activities focussed on sustainable food and drink.  

Get the updates on the project

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