Workshop Quality

We make ‘workshop quality’ products – thoughtfully designed, often hand made and using the best materials. We believe quality is a key part of being sustainable and therefore necessary.

We've coined the term 'Workshop Quality' as a way of describing the small scale production and the care and attention that our makers and materials suppliers apply to their work. 

We don't like the word luxury, as its a word that used to mean quality, however these days it often describes rarified and indulgent products or the illusion of quality.

Many of our products are made in small workshops close to our studio in Nottingham and with unique businesses around the UK. All our paper goods, prints and lamps are made in our own workshop in Nottingham.

Many of suppliers have less than 10 employees and the larger businesses we work with are forward thinking, ethically minded and innovative operators.

We're not interested in mass production, cheap materials, fast design or slick luxury products. We're make honest and innovate goods made from honest materials. 

Our Materials

We choose our materials based on their sustainable credentials and their suitability for the job. 

We select materials that are biodegradable and can be easily recycled. We mostly work with materials that are made in the UK and the few that are made outside the UK that are exemplary or progressive in their category. If the material is a natural, like cotton or Linen we are continually researching and understanding the farming approaches behind the production to avoid supporting polluting farming practices.

What about recycled materials?

There are many recycled materials that due to the processing involved are often not sustainable. This is because whilst the material maybe recycled, the new material is not recyclable. Often recycled materials are the by product of bad practice that shouldn't exist in the first place – think plastic lined coffee cups and plastic water bottles. So whilst we do use recycled materials we are committed to a more detailed understanding of sustainable practices. 

We actively avoid using plastic, solvents and polluting inks and dyes. However there are components like electrical cable or zips where we are yet to find a sustainable option. 

Our current material palette:

Fabrics: 100% Wool, 100% Organic Cotton, Jute and 100% Irish Linen, 100% cotton cambric

Wood: Locally sourced from Sherwood Forest

Paper: Sustainably made UK paper with FSC credentials and high recycled content.

Ceramics: Locally sourced clays

Feather: Whole, European sourced duck feathers for cushions

Inks and paints: Little Greene paint and Soil Association approved inks